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The Science

The key technology of Ecosavr is provided by Heatsavr liquid whose molecules are attracted to water at one end, and repelled by water at the other. They also tangle their side arms together in all directions. This enables a biodegradable, micro thin blanket to cover the surface of your pool. Each molecule links with its neighbours, forming a barrier that slows the evaporation of water molecules.

Evaporation accounts for between 70 and 90% of swimming pool heat loss. Ecosavr can increases pool temperature by creating a transparent pool cover, allowing solar energy to enter the water. By reducing evaporation (up to 40%), the solar energy is trapped, keeping the pool warmer longer and actually extending your pool season. Both water and heat are conserved. Unheated pools are naturally warmer or heated pools cost less to run.


One Ecosavr should cover a pool area of about 36 to 40 square metres for approximately one month; larger pools will require two Ecosavrs.

Remember to restock your pool every four weeks to ensure maximum benefit.


- Saves Money Time Water Heat
- Unheated pools are naturally warmer
- Heated pools cost less to run
- No cover to roll up or store
- Pool looks open and refreshing
- One Ecosavr lasts up to a month (up to 40 sq.m)
- Reduces heat & water loss by up to 40%
- Does not interfere with pool filters or chemicals

How Ecosavr Works

Ecosavr is part of a family of water conservation products, which includes Heatsavr and WaterSavr. Heatsavr in bulk liquid form is used on larger domestic pools and commercial pools, whereas WaterSavr is for reservoirs and lakes. Each product uses the same basic principles to inhibit evaporation, reducing heat and water loss. Ecosavr has been scientifically developed as a simple and convenient method of administering the proven Heatsavr liquid into the smaller swimming pool. "Eco" contains enough Heatsavr liquid to treat a standard domestic pool of up to 40 m2 for about one month. Larger pools will require two Eco's.

Ecosavr has been designed to sink to the bottom of the pool. A patented release valve in the top fin of Ecosavr slowly releases the Heatsavr liquid into your pool. Just cut along the dotted line, and drop "Eco" into your pool. If you have an automatic pool vacuum, please tie "Eco" to a ladder or other fixture to raise it above the pool bottom. A punch-out hole is provided in the top fin.

The Heatsavr liquid released by Ecosavr forms an invisible mono-molecular cover on the surface of the water. The cover is colourless, tasteless, odourless and undetectable on the skin.