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Health & Safety

Hygiene and Choice of pool cover:

Code of Practice by Studies in Work, Health & Safety Consultants

Extensive independent tests carried out by Aquatic Consulting Services of San Diego, California on the Hyatt Islandia Hotel 300 m2 Outdoor Swimming Pool concluded:

Pool water quality components commonly monitored by pool operators, including: free, total and combined chlorine; water temperature, total dissolved solids, cyanuric acid, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, saturation index, iron, copper, nitrates, phosphates and clarity were not affected by the addition of Heatsavr. The isopropyl alcohol added to the pool during the application of the Heatsavr product dispersed on the water surface within minutes after being applied, and the concentration present in the water decreases rapidly. Even at peak levels of concentration found in the pool, toxic risks of exposure by bathers to isopropyl alcohol are negligible. Levels 30 times as high are permitted by the Food & Drug Administration in beverages consumed by bathers sitting around the pool.

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Extensive independent tests carried out by Aqua Science Consultants PTY Ltd. on a Commercial Indoor Pool concluded:

Free and combined chlorine, pH and total alkalinity (regulated by Health Standards) remained stable throughout the trial. No increase in fluctuations of the parameters was observed. Chemical parameters stayed within requirements of the Standards during the addition of Heatsavr. No microbial indicators were detected at any time and microbial quality was consistently exceptional for both minus/plus Heatsavr treatment. Non-regulated parameters monitored during the trial indicated no observable changes or fluctuations in the levels of Redox, Sodium Chloride, Calcium Hardness, Total Dissolved Solids or corrosion products (copper and iron). A reduction in condensation levels of 10% was recorded on-site by the operator, with addition of Heatsavr. Gas consumption (water heating only) was reduced by around 18.6%. Indoor, heated pools in buildings with inadequate air handling systems may benefit from addition of Heatsavr, by minimising condensation and reducing air heating costs.

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A Toxicology report prepared by NSF International concluded:

The studies provided would suggest there to be a low probability of skin or eye irritation under acute exposure conditions.

The product appears to have no deleterious effect on chlorine based sanitizers when used in accordance with manufacturers use instructions in a pool.

There is reason to believe that the primary constituents are either food/pharmaceutical grade which have prior sanctioning for use as a direct food additive.

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The UK Department of Health approved Safepharm Laboratories who carried out eye and skin irritation tests concluded:

Eye Irritation Test

No adverse ocular effects were noted during the study.


The test material, CODE NUMBER: 329179 (50 ppm)*, produced a maximum group mean score of 0.0 and was classified as NON-IRRITATING (CLASS 1 ON A 1 TO 8 SCALE) to the rabbit eye according to a modified Kay and Caladra classification system.

The test material did not produce positive criteria in any rabbit according to the EEC labelling regulations and was classified as NON-IRRITANT to the rabbit eye. No symbol and risk phrase are therefore required.
Skin Irritation Test

No skin reactions were noted during the study.


A 50 ppm* dilution of the test material, CODE NUMBER: 329179, produced a primary irritation index of 0.0 and was classified as a NON-IRRITANT to rabbit skin according to the Draize classification scheme. No corrosive effects were noted.