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Indoor Pools

Heatsavr on indoor pools provides:

- Savings on water heating
- Savings on dehumidification
- Savings on air heating
With indoor pools the use of Heatsavr is not just about reducing the cost of water heating.

When using Heatsavr on indoor pools, a reduction in water heating represents only part of the potential energy savings. Indeed significant savings can be realised from the resultant reduction in dehumidification requirements and the ability to reduce air temperatures when the pool is closed.

Air handling and environmental control systems vary from pool to pool and in order to ensure maximum benefit from the use of Heatsavr it is important that controls and plant are effectively managed.

Heatsavr has considerable expertise in this field and can advise on the setting up and management of plant and controls for specific sites.

Outdoor Pools

In outdoor pools Heatsavr functions as a conventional solar cover. Outdoor pools are good collectors of solar radiation and without a solar cover much of the lost heat is reflected back to the atmosphere through evaporation. Heatsavr allows more solar energy to be retained, which means that an unheated pool will naturally be warmer, or the cost of heating a pool will be reduced significantly.

Just watch our demonstration video to see how.

Evaporation explains anything between 70 and 90% of heat loss from the pool water, Heatsavr can substantially reduce the cost of heating the pool.